Golf Course Info

Thank you for joining us at The Weston Golf and Country Club. The following tips will help you enjoy your game.

Select the best teeing ground for you. Weston is a difficult course - play the tees that best suit your ability to fully enjoy your round.

Holes 5 and 14 are a shared Tee. The fifth Tee is the closest to you after crossing the tracks.  The fifth hole heads in the opposite direction of the fourth hole.

Hole #2 has two greens - Players using the White, Copper and Green players play left green – Players using the Black and Blue tees play right green.  Cart Riders must use left roadway to access second fairway. The walking path is directly left of the lower Tee.  Players using either the forward or back tees should be aware of players using the Green Tees (located at the bottom of the hill).

Cart Regulations
Carts may be driven on the fairway or the rough unless otherwise posted. Use cart paths wherever possible and exit the fairway at the Exit Posts located near each green.

All sprinkler heads and yardage plates are measured to the centre of the green.

Washroom code at the 5th/14th Tee and Oasis can be accessed from the Starter when they arrive at the Club.

Oasis/Halfway House
The Oasis (half way house) is situated after the 11th hole.
All players should note that they should continue to the 12th tee prior to the arrival of the group behind them.

Divots & Bunkers
Please replace all divots (use seeded sand jar on the cart if necessary) rake the bunker and repair your ball mark.

Pace of Play
Keeping up to the group in front will promote a fair pace of play for all golfers, the round should not exceed 4 hours and 10 minutes.

We hope you enjoy your round today.