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Consulting Architect Mr. Andy Staples


On December 9th, 2021, Weston Golf and Country Club announced the appointment of Mr. Andy Staples of Staples Golf Design as consulting golf course architect for Weston Golf & Country Club. 

Andy Staples emerged as the unanimous recommendation of the Green Committee following a thorough review of a number of outstanding proposals received from some of the world’s finest golf course architects.  Andy comes with a wealth of knowledge of the golf course styles and designs of Willie Park Jr.  He made a study of Willie Park Jr. designs in the United Kingdom to gain an insight for a number of restoration projects for golf courses of the Golden Age of course architecture. 

This expertise ultimately led Andy to be engaged by Olympia Fields to conduct restoration projects for both their North Course designed by Willie Park Jr. and their South Course originally designed by William Watson and Tom Bendelow.

More recently Andy has been engaged by Mount Bruno Country Club near Montreal to complete a master plan for the renewal of their Willie Park Jr. course designed originally to host the 1922 Canadian Open.  Andy’s restoration work of the Willie Park jr. course at Meadowbrook Country Club in northern Michigan received great acclaim for his bold re-imagining of the work of the great master.  Andy proudly claims to have more Willie Park Jr. experience than any other current architect.

Another key feature of Mr. Staples’ presentation to Weston was his emphasis on sustainability in design.  His approach encompasses the consideration of the best use of scarce resources, environmental considerations, and the impact of any changes upon course maintenance standards and costs.

Andy visited Weston in August of this year and, starting at 6:45 a.m., spent over eight hours walking every part of the course taking notes and forming impressions.  The enthusiasm he came away with after meeting with Robert Ackermann was infectious.  Andy commented  “I love this course, I want this course, and I’m excited for this opportunity”.

We hope to be able to introduce Andy Staples to the membership in person this coming golf season, subject of course to travel restrictions.  In the meantime, for those wishing to know more about Andy Staples the link below is to a 90 minute interview in which Andy discusses his career, and his Willie Park Jr. experience.

Andy’s first task will be to complete a new master plan for our golf course.  The prior master plan is over 20 years old and most of the work anticipated by that plan has been carried out through the years.  However, as golf courses are constantly changing, growing and evolving, and as we know the irrigation system will need replacement soon, a new master plan will provide the blue print for maintaining and enhancing our Willie Park Jr. classic design for the future.  

- Robb English (Green Committee Chairman)

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