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Weston Golf and Country Club

Guest Information

All guests must sign in, or be signed in by an accompanying member, at the pro shop before play. No guests will be permitted to tee off without a member present.

Bag Drop

Upon arrival please use the bag drop located in the roundabout of the main entrance.  Please ring the bell on the bag stand and an attendant will be happy to assist you.

Standards of Dress

Members of Weston Golf and Country Club and their Guests are expected to follow the Standards of Dress put forth for each area of our Club. These values honour Weston’s tradition as a Club of Distinction while respecting one’s opportunity to exhibit their own individual style.

It is the responsibility of the Management and Staff to enforce these values in a professional and diplomatic manner. Management is empowered to decline service and deny access to the Golf Course and Practice Facilities if these standards are not met. Members should inform their Guests of the Club’s Standards of Dress prior to arrival at the Club. For detailed information, please click the button below.


Cell Phones

All personal communication devices must be turned off or switched to “silent” or “vibrate mode.  Voice communication is not permitted in the Clubhouse.

Cellular devices may be used throughout the Club for emailing and texting.  The use of laptops, tablets, e-readers and handheld games is permitted provided they are on “silent” mode.

In the event a phone call needs to be addressed please excuse yourself to the Business Office, located adjacent to the Arnold Palmer Dining Room or to any of the outdoor areas of the Clubhouse, however not on the patio.

To ensure Pace of Play, phone usage on the course is restricted to emergencies only and must be switched to vibrating mode.

Pace of Play

Weston's acceptable pace of play (“Time Par”) is 4 hours & 12 minutes or less. It is the responsibility of the entire group to play within time par (4:12). If someone asks you how you played, hopefully you can say “I played well and broke time par”